Boty Elyts Rebel Canvas Navy


As low as 1275,00 Kč
Dostupnost: Skladem
Skate bota Canvas / plátno Podrážka s vysokým obsahem gumy (DIN 90), zvýšená odolnost proti prošoupání Stélka z karbované pěny Nižší a užší profil boty, těsnější fit Vylepšená pružnost Dýchatelný materiál
Elyts Rebel shoes are based on a basic skate shoe with a lower profile and slimmer shape giving them a skate specific look. Overall they're more flexible and fit tighter on your feet than the Ruckus shoes. They are also more breathable and you get an even better deck feel than before. They are made of Canvas material and come with a newly developed insole which is made of an open cell PU/Carbon foam which provides good breathability, moisture absorption, is odor free and very comfortable. Elyts also maintained its signature high rubber content of the outsole (DIN 90) for abrasive resistance and long life span.