VAT Refund

Applies to non EU residents only!

How it works:

  1. You place an order on GIZMANIA store.
  2. You pay FULL AMOUNT for your order (see the payment methods).
  3. Once paid your order ships.
  4. Once received you need to follow the steps as outlined bellow.

  1. The foreign physical person having no permanent residence on the territory of the European Community and his/her stay in the third country is entered in the passport or any other certificate of identity recognized as valid by the Czech Republic and not realising any economic activity in this country.
  2. The purchased goods have no character of goods for trading.
  3. The purchased goods, the price of which including tax is paid to one seller in one day and is higher than CZK 2 000.
  4. The purchased goods is exported in the travelling relations within 3 calendar months since the end of the month in which the goods were sold, at the latest.
  5. The claim for refund may be laid only with the payer, who sold the goods, within 6 months since the end of the month, in which the goods were sold, at the latest.
  6. The claim for tax refund doesn’t arise with following types of goods:
    1. hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants,
    2. tobacco products,
    3. alcoholic beverages,
    4. foodstuffs and other goods under the code number of the h. systém in Chapters 01 to 21

Information for the foreign physical persons

The form of the Ministry of Finance will not be confirmed at export if:

  • it does not contain all requested data mentioned on it
  • the document of sale of goods containing all data stipulated by law, is not attached
  • the goods are not presented to the Customs authority
  • the amount of purchase does not exceed CZK 2 000

Instructions for completing the form

  • the form must be completed by letters and numerals according to the below mentioned example
  • the numerals must not extend beyond the indicated boxes
  • data must not be overwritten or changed additionally

  1. For more information download VAT Refund Form.
  2. VAT refund will be processed immediately after submitting all the mandatory information from your side.